Inspired by Randonnuering as well as our love of maps, cue-sheets, history, colloquial nuance and regional vernacular, Brovet is a Guide Book to American Permanents­ (Predetermined routes and rides—each permanent has been chosen for its intrinsic character, historical relevance and ride qualities.) about self-reliance to the point of absurdity, cycling from A-to-B and corn-dogging.

Fire Towers

As much an exclamation as a remote and desirable escapist location, fire lookout towers are the true tree forts, now made available for societal escapism. Time is suspended, on hold until we climb down again. Look out.

Hot Springs

From the mercurial geyser, the ominous steam vent, or the innocuous ‘hot spring’, the Earth’s core reaches, reverberates, a violent millennial history long since consumed and crust over by a habitable planet we suffer, sin, and survive on.

Swimming Holes

It is in these hidden locales that we can strip bare, exposing ourselves physically, emotionally and psychological. Swimming holes are idyllic settings for communion with our own nature.


Not just how to not die, but how to survive with less hassle and discomfort than ever before.