VII. A Catalog of Misadventures

Illustrations by Chris "Rally" McNally, photographs by Daniel Wakefield Pasley


1. Ancient Mule Trail– Just past the trailhead, Day One, T-Minus 101:31:03
Takeaway: confirm beta/data collected is accurate, up to date, and relevant, so that your plan, skills and equipment are relevant.


2. Conflicting User Groups – The first trail, Day One, T-Minus 97:49:17
Takeaway: Diplomacy is the best course with regards to on-trail interactions.


3. Ill-Timed Mechanical – The first trail, Day One, T-Minus 97:12:43
Takeaway: Be careful with your things. Especially right after neglecting diplomacy.


4. Low Average Speed – Still miles from the first camp, Day One, T-Minus 90:08:41
Takeaway: Be reasonable with your itinerary.


5. Lost – Above the bushwhack, Day Two, T-Minus 83:53:16
Takeaway: Good maps are better than more maps.


6. Bushwhack – In the bushwhack, Day Two, T-Minus 83:36:51
Takeaway: Don't lose the trail.


7a. Giving Up — Second camp, Day Two, T-Minus 73:27:21
Takeaway: Quitting is a team effort.


7b. Giving In — Civilization, Day Three, T-Minus 61:51:1
Takeaway: Peer pressure is also a team effort.


8. Extreme Hitchhiking — Civilization, Day Three, T-Minus 61:01:15
Takeaway: Don't expect to find a taxi cab in the middle of the MSOJ.


9. Breakdown — Not that far outside of Happy Camp, Day Three, T-Minus 60:27:45
Takeaway: Maintain a wide variety of mechanical skills.


10. Multiple Huckleberries — Not the highest point, Day Four, T-Minus 41:37:01
Takeaway: Don't believe the guy saying you're at the highest point.


11. Hornets — Still not at the highest point, Day Four, T-Minus 40:31:03
Takeaway: Watch for nests.


12. Double-Overhead Buckbrush — Past the highest point, Day Four, T-Minus 37:12:56
Takeaway: In lieu of a machete, bicycles clear brush effectively.


13. Doldrums & Malaise — Past the highest point, Day Four, T-Minus 36:46:50
Takeaway: Pouting won't save you.


14. Ancient Mule Trail vol. II — On the way down, Day Four, T-Minus 34:13:09
Takeaway: Sometimes nothing will go according to plan.


15. Poison Oak — Almost down, Day Four, T-Minus 29:11:03
Takeaway: A little vigilance prevents a lot of discomfort.


16. Nocturnal Adventuring — The last stretch, Day Four/Five, T-Minus ???
Takeaway: Carry-a-bike is more difficult than hike-a-bike.


17. All Split Up — Almost home, Day Five, T-Minus 9:57:19
Takeaway: Don't lose entire people.


18. Extreme Hitchhiking vol. II — Some road, Day Five, T-Minus 47:54
Takeaway: Save the phone number.

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