VI. Ephemera

Daniel Wakefield Pasley's Day Five Breakfast

Recounted in a list of individual, distinct orders/purchases made in the first meal and consumed in a single session after the conclusion of the previously described trip. 

1. Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Coca-Cola
2. Bacon Egg and Cheese Omelette
3. Tuna Melt, sub slaw (for chips)
4. Hash browns
5. Biscuits and Gravy
6. Chocolate Malt Milkshake
7. Gas station gummy bears

A Selection of Excerpts from the Pre-Trip Email Planning Correspondence

I am in. Mule trials are known to be mellow with easy inclines because as you all know mules have a hard time climbing hills so this should be a cake walk. I look forward to shaking hands with each and everyone of you at Interbike.

—Kyle von Hoetzendorff

I have been scratching my head trying to find something unique, rustic, challenging, a little Lewis and alot Clark type trail that will be awesome. May be the dream trip, may be the death march, I guess its the company of the dudes that creates that outcomes.

—David Marchi

Can we meet up before the trip at least once? We can bugger off to a corner, slap hands, and draft very informal lists of what we'll each bring so we don't end up with nineteen saws, seven sticks of dynamite, two kitchen sinks and a bunch of racquet balls?

—Stevil Kinevil


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